Ocean Science Symposium 2019
Event Timing: May 24th -25th 2019
Event Location: University of Victoria
Contact us at (250) 721 -7854 Learning@oceannetworks.ca
Teams of students and teachers in grades 8 through 10 with a keen interest in marine science and technology are invited to attend the seventh annual Ocean Science Symposium, which will introduce attendees to the diverse field of ocean science and excite them about possible future studies and career opportunities.

Through the two-day event students will engage with graduate students, experienced scientists, cultural knowledge holders and expert oceanographers to explore the mysteries of the ocean and potential career options. Students will get an opportunity to understand the interdisciplinary nature ocean science by exploring current ocean topics, threats and research through multiple lenses including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, and engineering.

Teachers, use this form your team of 1-5 students to participate in the 7th annual Ocean Science Symposium by filling out the application on the following pages:

When selecting your participants, keep in mind:
*This is a two day event, including one weekend day. Students are expected to participate both days.
*Students will engage with graduate students, experienced scientists and expert oceanographers to explore the mysteries of the ocean.
*Students will participate in a series of hands-on activities / challenges to reinforce concepts learned as well as get insight into the dynamic and interdisciplinary careers within the ocean science and technology fields.
*students will collaborate and interact with other attendees from all over Canada
*There is no cost to you or your students to attend, incurred costs to attend the event will NOT be reimbursed.

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