Player Registration
This is the Tchoukball UK registration form for all players. It must be completed each season to ensure Tchoukball UK is aware of player contact details, the club they are playing for, and the emergency contact details in the event of an injury during a competition or training session.
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Enter a landline phone number, home or work as appropriate.
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We need this to determine your level of membership and any safeguarding requirements.
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Your address (please enter your home address, not your term-time address if you're a student)
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Only required if not UK.
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Tchoukball is a fast sport requiring a reasonable amount of physical activity. In the extremely unlikely event of an emergency, we need to know who to contact.
Emergency contact's telephone number *
This is the telephone number for your emergency contact.
Regional club
Enter the club you are playing for in the Regional Championships. We'll use this as the club you're linked to. If you don't have a club, you're a free agent! Select that option below and clubs will contact you.
National club
Enter the club you are playing for in the National Championships.
Year started
Which year did you start playing tchoukball?
Any further comments?
If you have anything else you need to mention such as current sporting injuries, please include the details below.
I agree to provide my information to Tchoukball UK. If I selected 'Free agent' then it's OK for clubs to contact me *
Your data will be kept securely by Tchoukball UK and may be given to a third party supplier to provide an online service for you to maintain your membership. Signing up as a member of Tchoukball UK means we may contact you about competitions, membership fees, international 'Team UK' events relevant to your membership. We will mainly correspond with you via email and will only contact you by phone if urgently required or if your membership is imminently due to expire.
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