Survey About Women in Gliding
We’re doing a bit of research work to see if we can begin to identify factors that help to encourage women to glide, and call themselves glider pilots.

First up, we’re doing a rapid fire survey to establish a start point for other work. It would help us if you could spare a couple of minutes to answer these questions. The first two are top priority, the rest is nice to have – please do leave them unanswered if time is pressing. We have also taken this opportunity to check up on WGUK, so have thrown in a couple of questions at the end for you to let us know how we can be more helpful.

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Email address
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Are you... *
In encouraging you to fly:
1. What does your club do well? *
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2. What could they could do better? *
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...specifically with regards to female pilots/club members:
3. Would you describe your club as woman-friendly (WF)?
4. Is there anything they already do that they really shouldn’t?
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5. Is there anything that they don’t do now, but really should?
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6. Any other comments or observations?
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Club communications
I am interested in how clubs communicate with their club members.
7. Does your club have a way of communicating (email, text, social media etc) that encourages you to go and join in with club activities?
8. If yes, what?
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WGUK Club development working group
If you are interested in helping to develop resources and support club development to help clubs to encourage more women to glide, then we’d like to hear from you! Hopefully there will be a small group giving a sensible volunteering / gliding balance.
9. I’d like to get involved
10. Do you find WGUK helpful?
11. What would make it more helpful?
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We’ll keep the answers confidential, aggregating and anonymising answers before letting them out in public. We will circulate our findings via WGUK.

Many thanks for your time.

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