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What are my values and principles which I wish to live by?
What is success to me?
Who Am I? How can I live authentically?
What is my vision for my life? Discovering my life mission
How can I be more present in my life? Mindfulness exercises
How can I make a difference?
Financial Literacy: how do my values relate to money?
What other themes are you interested in exploring?
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Personal Meaning of Success Autobiography ------ Before our first session, notice and journal about the following questions. You do not need to share your answers. You will have opportunity to talk about any insights or challenges you noticed.
• Write the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Success.”
• As you grew up, who or what influenced your ideas about success?
• Thinking back through your life, what have you been told about success or what success is? (implicitly or overtly)
• How do these influences or what you’ve been told about success play out in your life now? What parts do you question or have you found another approach to?
• What challenges do you find in questioning the definitions of success that have influenced your life? What do you need in order to face these challenges?
• In your experience now, what makes you feel successful? What do you associate with success for you personally?
• What do you consider to be a meaningful accomplishment? What hinders you from feeling a sense of accomplishment? (you might think of some examples from your experiences in the past year)
• Write your own personal definition of success, starting with “Success for me means…”
• Based on your definition of success, what in your experience as a Graduate student hinders or helps you to feel successful? Where do you currently feel you are successful or not successful (considering your own definition)? You might consider these questions in relationship to many aspects of your life such as school, relationships, family, interests outside of school, etc.
Open Circle Group Guidelines
Personal Discovery Course participants are asked to follow these guidelines in our sessions. At our first meeting, you can add guidelines that are important to you.
• Give and receive welcome. People learn best in hospitable spaces. In this circle we support each other’s learning by giving and receiving hospitality.
• Respect: Listen to each other with openness and curiosity, being respectful of different ideas and opinions while open to learn from everyone.
• No fixing, saving, advising or correcting each other. This is one of the hardest guidelines for those of us who like to “help.” But it is vital to welcoming the soul.
• Set aside reaction and judgment and turn towards wonder and compassionate inquiry. Ask yourself, “I wonder why they feel/think this way?” or “I wonder what my reaction teaches me about myself?” Set aside judgment to listen to others—and to yourself—more deeply.
• Speak your truth in ways that respect other people’s truth. Our views of reality may differ, but speaking one’s truth in this circle does not mean interpreting, correcting or debating what others say. Speak from your center to the center of the circle, using “I” statements, trusting people to do their own sifting and growth.
• Creating inclusive space for diversity. We work together to hold safe space for all forms of diversity, including ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, and socio-economic status.
• Freedom to share or to pass. Be here with your listening as well as your speaking.
• Be present as fully as possible. Turn off phones and put away technology that is not being used for our circle.
• Trust and learn from the silence. Silence is a gift in our noisy world, and a way of knowing in itself. Treat silence as a member of the group. After someone has spoken, take time to reflect without immediately filling the space with words.
• Observe deep confidentiality. Safety is built when we can trust that our words and stories will remain with the people with whom we choose to share, and are not repeated to others without our permission.
I will respect and intend to follow these Open Circle Group Guidelines as I participate in the Personal Discovery Course. *
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