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Please submit this form electronically by Wednesday, August 14th at 5:00pm EST. Applications will be considered on a competitive basis.

WTS Dissertation Groups will change your dissertation game! They are solidarity writing groups that meet weekly to discuss writing challenges, encourage peer success, and develop new strategies for the various stages and types of writing that a dissertation requires! Each session begins with a 1 hour discussion of various writing topics, a writing activity, and then participants set concrete writing goals for the next 2 hours. Those last 2 hours are dedicated to sustained and focused work on the dissertation. It it YOUR time to work on YOUR dissertation. Please be aware that our groups serve this dual purpose of support and space: we are a heuristic resource for graduate students, and we offer the space and time to focus on the dissertation project. If you are seeking a therapy group, CAPS now offers an alternative dissertation writing group that you might be interested in; conversely, if you are looking for 3 hours of silent writing time, be aware that we do ask our participants to support one another in collegial conversation about readings and about their writing progress that week for the first hour, and we will not be able to offer more than 2 hours of writing time most weeks. During the final weeks of the semester, we do have several "writing intensive" weeks in which the writing time can stretch to 2.5-2.75 hours, but the standard is 2. Our members typically report that the exchange of conversation with writers from different departments, programs, and stages enriches their strategy toolkit, and that dedicating time, at least once a week, to the dissertation propels their projects forward. If you feel this structure would benefit you, we warmly welcome you to apply!

+Writers from all departments at IUB who are writing a final thesis or dissertation for their doctorate are welcome to apply.
+Priority will be given to writers who are past the proposal stage.
+Participation in the WTS Dissertation Groups program is limited to 3 semesters (not including this past summer's 2019 special sessions). The attendance record of past Dissertation Group participants will be taken into account when considering applications in future semesters.

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*We give priority to applicants who are past the proposal stage. However, if your prospectus comprises a significant portion of your completed dissertation and you would like the application committee to be aware of this, please explain in the following question.
If you checked "Other" in the previous question, please explain your proposal/prospectus progress and its role as part of your dissertation.
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Membership in WTS Dissertation Groups is offered to all accepted applicants on a first-come-first-served basis. Once admitted to the dissertation group program, you will be added to our Canvas site. In your acceptance email you'll find a time at which you may log in to our Canvas page and register for a group placing your name in your group of choice. Each group will be capped at a certain number, and if your first choice is full by the time you sign in, you must find another group that will fit your schedule. If you're unhappy with or no longer able to attend the group you signed up for, you alone will be responsible for emailing (through Canvas or IU email) group members you'd like to switch groups with. Once we open the Canvas page for signing up, you will have a 24-hour window to sign up (but remember, first-come-first-served). Again, you'll be notified of the date and time sign-up will commence in your acceptance email. The dissertation groups this fall semester will be as follows (Please check off AT LEAST 2-3 of the time options below that you could attend in order to acknowledge that you have read and understood the options): *
*NOTE: If you are out of the country, without internet, or otherwise unavailable to sign up during the designated 24-hour window, please email sjdemmer@indiana.edu with your preferred group times. She will try to make sure that you are placed in one of your preferred groups.
All participants will be required to attend orientation on Thursday, August 29th from 6pm-7pm in the CITL Workshop Room on the 2nd Floor of Wells Library. Will you be able to attend orientation? *
Please describe your dissertation project in 300 words or fewer. *
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Please explain how WTS Dissertation Groups will contribute to your ability to finish your dissertation. You may wish to consider what resources the program can offer that are unavailable elsewhere. *
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