AWE Hall of Fame Nomination Form: The Woman of Influence Award 2019
This award recognizes a woman who is an example to others in her career path and achievements, and with her success has continued to support and empower the women around her. With a career in (and perhaps also out) of the events industry, her influence is wide reaching.

Candidates will be judged on their demonstrated vision, leadership, innovation and action in and beyond their field, as well as on their impact and how it was achieved. The judging panel will give consideration to:

-- Personal, academic, professional and community achievements.
-- Demonstrated performance in their chosen field.
-- Demonstration of collaboration within or beyond their field, and a wider circle of influence than their direct role.
-- How their influence has contributed to women's advancement.
-- Involvement and contribution to communities through collaboration and mentoring.
-- Extent to which their contribution was innovative.
-- Demonstration of high moral character.

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