NeuzTec2020 Artist Application
NeuzTec! 2020 Festival of Experimental Sound Design and Multimedia Technology

NeuzTec! is presented by Garden City Electronic Music Society (

NeuzTec! is a festival celebrating the growing symbiosis of multimedia and technology including experimental sound design, theatrical arts, electroacoustic, noise, drone, ambient, electronica, post-rock, cinematic interpretations, and modular synthesis.

NeuzTec! is a community arts hub to engage the public with new media art forms and provide artists with a forum for the cross-fertilization of ideas and the opportunity to perform on a professional quadraphonic concert sound system.

NeuzTec2020 will be a three-day event; April 24 - 26, 2020 occurring on unceeded Coast Salish Territories at Open Space in Victoria, BC with programming on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

This is a call for artists for Saturday evening performances.

Date: Saturday April 25, 2020
Location: Open Space, Victoria, BC

There are a dozen 30-minute live slots available (including transitions). There will be a staging area for artists to set up.

Call for Artist Application Open until February 15, 2020

Please send your questions to Neuztec at gmail dot com

Thank you, the NeuzTec! Team
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