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1. The Bones for Life® (BFL) program is an educational curriculum designed to share the movement processes, ideas and intellectual property of Ruthy Alon.

2. There is no physician present and you are responsible for your own well- being during the BFL program.

3. This is a curriculum that involves exploration of ideas and various physical movements. The movements are specified to be done at 20% of maximum exertion or less. Additional safety precautions for you include:
   a. start with small and gentle movements;
   b. gradually progress to engaging in more intensity and involving more parts of your self in the movement sequence;
   c. make use of visualization and imagination when doing the movement sequence;
   d. take frequent rest breaks. Scheduled breaks are built into the program; as well take rests whenever you feel tired, your mind wanders or you find yourself holding your breath.

4. Any sensations of pain or discomfort, such as uncomfortable pressure, pulling, tingling, numbness, heaviness, or emotions are examples of signals to pause and explore the need for adaptations or need for rest.

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