GJCL Fall Forum 2017 Registration
Date of Fall Forum: October 21st
Early Registration($13) ends: September 19th
Regular Registration($15) ends: Ends October 6th
Late Registration($20) ends: Ends October 17th 11:59(no submissions will be accepted after this time)
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How Many Total Adults(Chaperones and Sponsors) will be attending? *
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How many regular Chick-fil-A meals?(Both Students and Adults) *
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How many Veggie meals? (Both Students and Adults) *
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How many gluten-free options? (Both Students and Adults) *
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Do you have a student entering the Host/Hostess Competition? *
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Gender of the Host/Hostess Candidate
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Each candidate in the Host/Hostess Competition is required to submit a $10 Entrance Fee upon registration in order to be eligible to compete. This will not be included in the invoice and will be paid AT Fall Forum. Please sign both your name and the name of the candidate in the space below to act as your digital signature that you are both aware of this condition. (Format: Teacher Name, Student Name)
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We ask that each school provide a $5 donation to assist GJCL 2nd VP Michelle Cho in providing the materials that will be needed for this years service project. This will be a one-time donation regardless of how many forms your school submits. Will you be donating to the Service Project fund? *
You will receive an invoice for the total cost of your school's participation in a follow up email. Any schools desiring to register more students at a later phase, must complete an additional form. Schools will be sent one invoice per form. All checks should be made out to GJCL and mailed to: Rachel Ash, GJCL Treasurer, 3122 Falconhurst Dr., Lilburn, GA 30047
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