Girls Rock Athens October "Uke Rock" Series
Who: ages 8 and up

What: Building Your Own and Learning to Play Ukulele

Where: Newton Bridge Road, Athens, GA (exact location will be sent with acceptance email)
Athens, GA 30607.

When: Each Monday in October 2019!

Time: 5pm to 7pm

The mission of Girls Rock Athens is to create a safe space for self expression through music education and creation.

Cost is $100 for this series. Includes ukulele kit and building lessons, ukulele lessons with Athens' own Erica Strout.

Financial Aid is limited to a couple of full or partial financial aid spots. There is a box to check to request full or partial financial aid at the end of the application.

Please keep in mind If you need to cancel after sign up, please notify us right away. If you have submitted your payment and would like a refund, you must cancel IN WRITING. If we receive your cancel before September 1st we will refund your payments. If you cancel after September 1, 2019 we will refund any payments made over $30. If you cancel on or after September 17, 2019 we cannot refund your payment.


Part 1: Fill out this online application.
Part 2: Pay your series cost through our PayPal (please note participant's name and "Uke Rock") or by check or money order to:

Girls Rock Athens Inc.
P.O. Box 423
Athens, GA 30603

Part 3: Rock!

***Applications are not considered complete until we have received payment!

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