Volunteer On-Boarding for the Bryan Zemina Campaign Committee to elect him to the FL House D58
Thank you all for clicking through to this form. I hope you feel as we do, that Mr. Bryan Zemina is a fabulous candidate to represent our People here in North East Hillsborough County. We want less government, ending government devised rackets, open marketplace with vibrant competition - to garner the most options and best prices for our citizenry. He is working hard for his campaign, and in affecting the body politic by successfully getting the libertarian message out and utilizing the Florida constitutional powers to further remove Federal infringements on our rights to privacy, the fruits of our labors. He is a defender of the sanctity and privacy for our families and our homes.
We are seeking to better understand you, your strengths and your interests as to where you can best be applied to the campaign committee.

Please provide us your contact details, and your areas of interest, and we will be having our sub-committee chair person return a call or e-mail back to you. Thank you.

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Thank you for having volunteered to support Mr. Bryan Zemina as he works to win the support of the community to be their representative in the Florida House. All of our volunteer efforts and communications will be on the AP BAND. Please access it from your device and ask to join the BAND, at http://band.us/band/67509481#
Should you need to contact the campaign, please reach our through e-mail at bryanzemina58@gmail.com, or at 813-328-3586. All submissions here will be reviewed by our volunteers. Thank you.
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