Interested in Science on the Road?
Are you ready to share science with the public beyond city limits? A new initiative, Science on the Road, aims to bring public science outreach out of universities and into the country. Science on the Road will bring a group of scientists to breweries, pubs, or bars in rural areas far from larger research institutions to engage in discussions related to anything of scientific interest to the local public. The format will be similar to Science by the Pint (see, beginning with a brief introduction by our scientific experts, and then moving on to the main part of the event, in which scientists spread out among multiple tables to interact with smaller groups of audience members, offering explanations or just lively discussion!

We are building a group of "science experts" interested in being part of this new initiative.* Sign up to receive news about open seats you can snag in the Science on the Road van!

The first series of Science on the Road trips will be local (2-3 hours away) in Western Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and we will go and return the same day (Saturday or Sunday). Later trips will be 1-2 nights over a weekend, with destinations in Pennsylvania, New York, and Maine. We will run trips with 6-8 scientists of two central scientific “themes” (i.e. bioengineering & climate science).

* You (graduate student/post-doc/science industry specialist) are the science expert!

Please contact Tamara Pico ( with questions/ideas/comments!

Science on the Road is a partnership between HGWISE, Science in the News, and Harvard GeoClub!

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