TEDxCasey Sponsorship 2020
Looking for an opportunity to engage with the South East Melbourne Community in a meaningful way?

We invite you to find out more about sponsoring TEDxCasey.

You already know the TED brand. The x in TEDxCasey means we are an independently organised TED event.

We are volunteer run and rely on the generosity of sponsors to help us to keep our ticket prices affordable for members of our community in the South East of Melbourne.

We also aim to partner with our major sponsors to create engaging audience experiences at our events. Experiences that enhance your brand recognition and the reputation of your business.

Use this form to work out the type of sponsorship package that may be right for your business.

Our sponsorship team will follow up with more information and if there is a good fit, invite you to be part of the promotions and events we run.

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This form is for use if you are interested in sponsorship for the #LoveCasey Promotion and / or to be part of our major event for the year - TEDxCasey 2020 inSight Event as well as our smaller events TEDxYouth@Casey and TEDxCasey Salons.
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Select all that apply if you are unsure about the level of sponsorship or want to participate in the #LoveCasey Promotion plus a level of event sponsorship.
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