Kaleidoscope Disputes

Kaleidoscope is a multimedia fanwork exchange for rare chromatic source fandoms and our list of nominations can be found at http://archiveofourown.org/tag_sets/159.

If you believe a nominated fandom, character or person does not qualify for Kaleidoscope because:

a) the fandom source does not contain chromatic characters;
b) the fandom source was not produced by chromatic creator(s);
c) the fandom does not meet our rarity criteria;
d) the character or person does not identify or is not coded as chromatic.

Please use this form to dispute its inclusion in Kaleidoscope. For disputes concerning rarity, please also provide verifiable evidence such as links to AnimeMusicVideos.Org, AsianFanfics, audiofic archive, deviantArt, pixiv, YouTube searches. You may submit this form multiple times if you have multiple disputes.

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