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*8.6% sales tax is added to the selected rates **If your membership type is changing from your previous membership type, (i.e. family to couple or full club to health club) your rates will be what is reflected below. If your membership remains the same, your rate will remain the same as before closing. Once general operations are resumed, your membership will revert to the membership type on file prior to closure.
Note: If couple or family option above is chosen, list the members included on membership. Provide names of each member and their Date of Birth. (Only members who were previously on membership can be added.)
By checking this box, I hereby authorize Columbia Basin Racquet Club to restart my membership and billing. I hereby authorize Columbia Basin Racquet Club to initiate payment via the financial institution and account I have on file. I hereby authorize Columbia Basin Racquet Club to automatically collect payment until membership is cancelled by the agreed upon Terms of Membership already on file. * *
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