2020 Water Quality Fair Application Form- Wednesday, May 6, 2020

READ THIS DISCLAIMER! There is considerably more demand than slots available for this event. Completion of this form does not guarantee acceptance to the 2020 Water Quality Fair. Upon submission of the form, event slots will be evaluated and if slots are available, you will receive a confirmation number via text. You will need to provide this confirmation number for admission to the event. No exceptions!

Once confirmed, you will receive a monthly email January-May, providing event details and instructions. The email will be sent to the email address provided in this form.

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Please fill out the following information for the school interested in attending the 2020 Water Quality Fair.
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2020 Water Quality Fair Specifics
The following questions are preliminary questions related to the 2019 Water Quality Fair.
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List each of the fourth grade teachers at your school who are interested in attending the Water Quality Fair and an approximate number of students in each of those classes. *
*Note: In providing your contact information, you accept the responsibility of sharing all event information, including the Jan-May monthly event prep emails with the other 4th grade teachers at your school. The Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition realizes numbers are subject to change; however, this information is important to have up front as Utah Hogle Zoo limits the number of participants each day. We will confirm this information when the event is close to full.
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