Granger Leadership Academy 2019 Student Speaker Application
Have an idea you want to share? A viewpoint you want to tell the world about? Something inspiring to tell fellow trainees? Now's your chance to speak in front of 200 trainees at Granger Leadership Academy 2019. We're looking for:
- Bright ideas about leadership, creativity, and discovering who you are as a hero
- Things that make you think
- Things that inspire others

Student Speeches will be 10 minutes in length, and will take place at the Opening Ceremony and morning meetings. There is no age requirement and no prior experience is required - this is when the stage is yours.

At that point, selected applicants will be asked to meet with GLA staff for a video call in which they will give their talk. You will have some time between when you are notified of selection and when you will be asked to meet for the video call in order to practice.

If you have questions, please email us at

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