Pets Without Parents Adoption Application
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* Please note that submitting an online application for a particular pet does not necessarily mean that pet will be placed on hold for you. A hold is issued on a "first come, first served" basis, and you will be assigned in the order received.

* In order for a pet to have the best chance of going home as soon as possible, please come into the shelter to meet the pet you are applying for to be sure it is the right fit for you. We cannot place long term holds on a pet.

* Once your application is approved and the pet has been spayed/neutered, you must complete the adoption by the next business day or your hold will be removed. Please understand that the sooner a pet is adopted and goes home, the sooner a cage frees up to save the life of another companion animal in need.
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Additional Pets in Home
If you have more than four pets, please list the name, breed, age, type, spay/neuter status, vaccination status and time you have owned each pet.
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Pets You Have Owned in the Last Five Years
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Additional Pets You Have Previously Owned
If you have owned more than three pets, please list the name, type, and reason why relationship ended for each pet.
Have you ever given up on a pet? *
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Veterinary Information
Current or Previous Veterinarian
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Additional Veterinary Information
If you've used a previous vet, or your pet records are under a different name than yours (spouse, parent, etc), please provide that information in the field below.
Care of Your New Pet
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Where will your new pet sleep at night? *
Per year, how much do you expect veterinary costs to be? *
Can you/will you afford an average of $500 in vet expenses should this pet become ill? *
Do you anticipate any major changes in the next year (moving, new baby, etc.)? *
If "Yes," please provide details.
Your new pet could live for another 20 years. Do you understand the responsibility involved, and are you willing to make a lifelong commitment to this pet? *
If Adopting a Dog
How will you deal with behavioral issues that may arise with your new dog?
Do you expect your new dog to have accidents in the house, even if it's housebroken?
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If Adopting a Cat
How will you prevent your new cat from scratching furniture, etc?
Will you let your new cat outside, and under what circumstances?
Do you intend to declaw your cat?
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Additional Comments
Additional Comments
Provide any pet details or other information that you think would help us process your application.
Pets Without Parents, Columbus relies on the information given above to be complete and accurate in order to act on your application in a timely manner. Any false statements, misrepresentations, inaccurate information, or failure to supply the data requested may serve as a rejection of your application. By selecting "I Agree", you are authorizing the use of any screening agencies to verify criminal history and validate the accuracy of all information recorded above, and you give Pets Without Parents, Columbus the right to call your references, landlord, and veterinarian. I also understand that this application will not be fully approved until I have come in to meet the pet and been interviewed by Pets Without Parents staff. Pets Without Parents, Columbus reserves the right to reject any application for any reason.
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