Jane B. Weathers Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund: application for grant assistance
The North Carolina Bar Foundation’s Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund offers economic aid to those lawyers who because of age, illness or other circumstances find themselves in financial distress. The Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund seeks to ensure that its recipients have adequate housing, food and basic medical care. Grants are not to be used to pay CLE fees. The Fund is considered a program of last resort. Please apply for any other available assistance prior to submitting this application.

The North Carolina Bar Foundation’s Endowment Committee will review your application and determine whether you qualify for financial aid. The Committee tends to fund individuals or families of those (1) who are or were admitted to practice law in North Carolina and (2) are seeking short-term emergency relief. The Committee does recognize special circumstances that fall outside these guidelines. To determine whether or not you qualify for support, please contact the staff liaison to the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund, Kim Bart Mullikin at kbartmullikin@ncbar.org or 919-657-1559.

The Committee may request information beyond this application in order to clarify or verify your need and circumstances. After it receives and reviews all application materials, the Committee will make a determination regarding grant support.

Please note that this process may take several weeks and we appreciate your patience.

This application and supporting documentation must be completed in its entirety. Failure to supply the information requested may result in the application being returned to you and will delay its processing. Be assured that the information you provide in this application will be treated confidentially.

Grant applications will be reviewed twice yearly: application deadlines are December 15th and April 15th.
Summary of Financial Need: required
Please submit a Summary of Financial Need that reflects your estimated monthly expenses and your estimated monthly income. Expenses may include rent/mortgage, utilities, credit card, student loans, auto loans, tuition, child support or other expenses. Income may include employment income, government benefits, alimony or child support, or other sources of income support. Your application will not be reviewed unless accompanied by a Summary of Financial Need. Following submission of this form, please email your Summary of Financial Need to Foundation@ncbar.org.
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Please describe the situation that gave rise to your need and briefly state how you would use a grant from the Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund. Please include relevant dates and information about your current status. You are encouraged to submit medial records, letters in support of your request or other corroborating documents by email to Foundation@ncbar.org. *
Certification by Applicant
By submitting this application for grant funding from the NC Bar Foundation's Jane B. Weathers Lawyers Helping Lawyers Fund, you (the applicant) attest that all information shared in this form is accurate, truthful and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief.
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