Kingfield Quad Runners ATV Club Sign-Up Form
This google form is for all Quad Runner membership types - Single, Household, Business or Supporter, with payment options at the bottom.

Alternatively, if you don't want to fill this out and you'd rather have a paper form to print and send in, click here:

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Your Membership Type - please only choose one. For 2020, as a response to the health crisis and a growing need for help on the trails, personal and household memberships can be paid with your money or your time (see below). And to thank our 2019 Business Members during this difficult time, the club is extending that membership through 2020. *
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If you would like to pay for your membership electronically, there are many ways you can pay and they are listed below. Please choose one and if appropriate, follow the link. Please make sure to provide the same email address as you did in this form so our payments match up. Thank you! find an officer and give them your form and money; or bring it to the next club event or meeting. Be sure to include the primary member's name and sign-up date. *
Please share anything else you'd like us to know. Questions, ideas, or comments!
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