Pre-Required Advising (RAD) Exercise
This pre-RAD exercise prepares you for your upcoming RAD appointment by encouraging you to think about things you may want to discuss with your advisor.
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Student ID Number
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On your MyBoiseState, is your major listed correctly?
Once your major is accurate in the system, on a percentage scale from 1% to 100%, how sure are you that you want to major in a COEN degree?
Look at your Degree Tracker and Draft your Fall 2018 Schedule
*When creating a schedule please reference the Degree Tracker Tool in your Student Center; along with, the DL listing and your major requirement course listing found in your catalog. **Full Time 12-15 credits, 16+ Overload fees will apply
List Course Titles and number of credits below:
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Before your advising appointment, we would like to know the following:
How is your first semester going?
How many credits would you like to take next semester?
Do you want to be a part of Finish in Four?
Do you need to include Honors courses or a LLC requirements?
Are you interested in taking Summer school?
List additional time commitments:
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Are any of the following statements ones you want to discuss with your Advisor?
Do you have any other questions for your Advisor? If so please list them below:
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What you will do during your RAD:
- Review Degree Tracker, update the preferences, and determine an expected graduation date.
- Review Major and Minor requirements.
- Understand the prerequisites and upper division requirements for my major.
- Understand the University Retake and Withdrawal Policy.
- Review resources available on campus such as tutoring.
- Understand when my Enrollment Day and Time is and plan to enroll then.
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