2019/3/30 Yuki Ishiwata Show RSVP form 石渡悠起子ライブ予約フォーム
Yuki Ishiwata Solo show
3/30 Sat
12:30 OPEN 13:30 START
w/ Yuichi Ikeda (guitar from Osaka=Monaurail), Natsuki Kurai (harmonica)

Music Charge 3000 yen (+1 order minimum)

Tokyo Guest House Ouji Music Lounge

3/30 Sat
12:30 OPEN 13:30 START
w/ 池田雄一 (guitar / from Osaka=Monaurail) , 倉井夏樹 (harmonica)
MC 3000円(1オーダーお願いします)

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