2018 ESA Postdoc Symposium Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration
Submission Guidelines
Topic should be of broad interest and/or impact to the general Lab community.
Answer who, what, where, why, when, and how, where applicable, in your article. Keep text as clear and succinct as possible.
Articles should be between 50 and 75 words. If additional text is required, post on your own website or upload to Google Drive (instructions). Include URL for additional text with your submission. PDFs or word docs will not be accepted.
Submit articles that have already received approval from all stakeholders…do not send drafts.
The editor reserves the right to adjust submitted text for length, journalistic style, clarity, and appropriateness.
To make changes to submissions, contact the editor.
To ensure your article will run on a specific date, submissions must be received at least 48 hours in advance of requested publication date.
While every attempt will be made to publish event on date requested, editorial priorities may require moving publication to another day.
Every article posted on the TABL website will be announced in the TABL e-mail at least once. If space allows, reminders can run, but not guaranteed.
Most TABL submissions will also be posted on the news video monitor in the cafeteria. Those that are date-related will run in the “Ongoing News” section of the TABL website.
Is your submission related to an event? If so, add it the the Lab Events Calendar, which enables the editor to include a Google button with the article that allows readers to auto-add the event to their calendars.
Is your article related to an award? If so, then add it to the Lab Awards Database.

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