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Please use this form to make an application for one of our Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) courses. Once you have submitted an application you will receive an email confirming your completion of the form (this is an automated response), followed within 5 working term-time days by an email confirming whether you have a place on the course requested.

If you wish to apply for more than one course then you will be required to submit this form for each course.

Please ensure that all the requested information on this application form is provided. It is preferable that individual applicants complete this form and this form is not submitted on their behalf: if you are applying for this course for a colleague and not for yourself then please ensure that the applicant is aware that you have made the application and that all information provided on their behalf is complete and correct.

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Please ensure that your email address is entered accurately and you have supplied an email address that you use regularly. ALL course information is sent via email. It is important that this email address is the address of the course participant and that the participant is aware that this address may be visible to others in the course group.
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Please select from the list of courses below. If your chosen course is NOT listed then either the course is already fully booked and closed for bookings or the course is not yet open for booking. If this is the case, please let us know that you would like to be notified when your chosen course is next open for bookings by submitting details on our 'expression of interest form' here:
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We will typically contact you via email however it would be useful to have a contact telephone number for you too.
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It would be useful to know whether you already have an LOPD Integral username, even if it has expired.
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If you have a username from a previous or concurrent LOPD course, please state it here. You do NOT need to give your password.
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We will be using BigBlueButton (BBB) to provide our online classrooms this year. Please select the statement below which best reflects your experience of online classrooms. You can check on the system requirements and basic guidance for using BBB here:
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e.g. taught C1 and C2 for two years but have not taught applied modules before
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Invoicing *
To process your application we will need some additional details from you, including your home and school address (if applicable). If your school requires a purchase order number then it is important that you provide this information below.
Purchase order number (if applicable)
If you indicated above that your school requires a purchase order number please provide it here.
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Course fee *
Please read carefully: The course fee is detailed on the course information page. The fee is £195 for a longer course (7 sessions or more) and £95 for a shorter course (up to 6 sessions). Invoices will be issued approximately one week before the published start date of the course. Please select the appropriate course fee (Item 1 or 2) unless you have been given a reference for the next question. When gaining agreement for the funding for your course, please remember that you may also need to purchase a headset and/or graphics tablet in order to access the sessions fully. See course flyers for further details.
Course fee reference *
If you have selected anything other than Item 1 or 2 above, please state the reference you have been given here. If you have selected Item 1 or 2 above, please put N/A.
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Please state the full name of the school or college where you work. If you are not currently working at a school or college then just enter your home postcode here instead and again below.
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It would be helpful if you could provide us with this information. If your school is paying your fees then this information is required along with the name and department of the person to whom the invoice should be sent.
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Home address including postcode
If you are paying the fees yourself then please supply your home address This address will be used to send you the invoice.
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Terms and conditions agreement *
I have read the details of the course and understand the commitment expected. I understand that all live sessions are recorded and these recordings will be available to all participants. I understand that if I am unable to attend some or all of the live sessions then the full course fee is still chargeable and I may not be eligible for an attendance certificate. I acknowledge that the advertised session dates may be subject to change. I acknowledge that the course may be cancelled if under-subscribed and under these circumstances any fees paid will be returned in full. I understand that I may cancel my place provided I do so BEFORE the first online introductory session and if I wish to exercise this right of cancellation I must do so by email to I acknowledge that no refund will be made if I cancel my place on the course AFTER the first online introductory session and any unpaid course fees will still be chargeable. I acknowledge that my place cannot be transferred to another participant.
Additional information
Please use this space to tell us anything we might need to know regarding your application or attendance, for example, if you already know that you will need to miss a session, please give the date here, or if you have any special needs relevant to your accessing the course, please let us know how we can best support you. If your query requires a response, please instead contact
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Reimbursement information
Please ignore this section unless you are currently working in a state-funded school / college in England.

Qualification statement - please read carefully:
In order to qualify for a reimbursement of the course fee, the following requirements must be satisfied:
1. The participant is employed by a state-funded school or college in England.
2. The course fee has been paid in full.
3. The participant has attended at least 75% of the live online sessions for this course.
4. The participant has completed the feedback form for this course within two weeks from the date of the last session.
5. We have received suitable bank details for this payment to be made.
We reserve the right to refuse reimbursement if any of the above have not been met.

Please complete the contact information below to enable us to process your reimbursement.
PLEASE NOTE: A copy of the confirmation of your booking will be sent to both of these contacts.

Full name of school bursar / finance officer
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Email address of school bursar / finance officer
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Full name of the line manager responsible for this part of your role
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