DKC Kids Summer Korfball Tournament
On-line parental consent form for the event to be held in Dawson Park, from 1:00 to 3:00pm on Sunday, May 26th
Your name and contact details (phone / email) *
Your child's name, age, and the name of their school *
Does your child have any medical conditions that the organisers should be aware of (if "Yes", please specify; if no, just write "no" )? *
RESPONSIBILITY: I am the parent/guardian of the above mentioned child and I give my consent for them to attend and take part in the junior korfball activites organised by Dundee Korfball Club. I am aware that korfball involves physical sporting activity and confirm that there are no medical or other reasons why my child should not take part in such activity. *
REGISTRATION: I give my permission for my child's details to be registered with Dundee Korfball Club, for safeguarding and Child Protection purposes *
PUBLICITY: I give permission for photographs of my child to be used in promotional korfball material (e.g. on the club’s website, leaflets and in newspaper articles). *
GOING HOME: I give my permission for my child to make their own way home after each korfball session and I take full responsibility for ensuring that they do so. (If NO, please make other arrangements with the club's coaches and confirm these by email to *
EMERGENCIES: In the event of an emergency, I agree to my child receiving an anaesthetic or any other emergency treatment in my absence.(The parent or guardian will be contacted immediately in the case of any such emergency) *
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