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The mission of WISE Women of Blair County is to empower women and eliminate racism through collaboration, service, and education. The organization provides grants to organizations whose work advances our mission; provides educational scholarships to women 21 years of age and older who have overcome adversity; and recognizes outstanding area women at the annual Tribute Honoree Dinner.


ARTS & LETTERS - Contributes significantly to the visual, literary, or performing arts in either a paid OR volunteer capacity.

BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL - Provides leadership in business and industry, profit oriented services, OR works in a field requiring specific advanced training or certification (e.g., nurse, doctor, lawyer, architect, CPA,).

COMMUNITY SERVICE VOLUNTEER - Performs outstanding service to the community by demonstrating distinctive and unique contributions and benefits as a non-paid volunteer.

EDUCATION - Works in a formal education setting and demonstrates exceptional leadership or innovation.

NON-PROFIT/GOVERNMENT - Works in a non-profit organization OR in a governmental/political environment; demonstrates visionary leadership for the betterment of the community.

RISING STAR - Provides self-initiated community service that has both significant and positive impact (Honoree may be no older than 25 years of age as of April 15, 2020).

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT - Has exemplified, during her lifetime or the span of her career, the Mission of WISE Women; and has made creative contributions of outstanding significance to the WISE Women mission by the way she has lived her life.
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