Design Interns Club
Design Interns Club is an initiation by design students/graduates and recent interns who wish for bigger transparency related to internships in design studios, agencies, fashion houses or other institutions. All kinds of experiences are welcomed.

Please fill out the form if you are a current or recent intern anywhere in the world in the design, fashion, or architecture field. Doing this will benefit fellow interns, those seeking internships, and just about all of us.

All questions are OPTIONAL and ANONYMOUS.
Please try to be civil, truthful and objective.

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Name of the place of your current or recent internship (you can add a link to the website as well)
In which sector the place of your internship operate?
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City of your current or recent internship
Country of your current or recent internship
How much did you get paid for this internship? (monthly or in total)
Did you get benefits with the internship eg. healthcare, travel funds etc?
How many hours per week you've usually worked?
Approx. how much were you paying in total in monthly bills (rent, food, travel, etc)
Year of your internship (This can make you easier identifiable, skip if you want)
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Duration (months) of your internship (This can make you easier identifiable, skip if you want)
Did you have clearly defined tasks that were educational and helped you learn by doing?
What would you point out that was good on your internship?
Do you have any bad experiences or something that you aren't/weren't ok with at your internship?
If you could ask for change around design internships in the future, what would this be? What specific steps do you suggest?
Any other notes, questions, or thoughts?
Contact (Here you can leave your email or Instagram so the other interns or those seeking for one can reach you. If you don't feel safe and comfortable doing that, just skip it :))
Where did you hear about our spreadsheet? (this one won't be shared, just a valuable info for us ☺️)
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