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Please read this so we can be completely aligned:

I work only with a handful of the most masterful, visionary leaders who are serious about doing the work it takes to truly achieve unlock their highest creative potential to live an Orgasmic Life. 

My best collaborations are with experts who are brilliant at what they do, have capped out, and are not achieving the inner fulfillment they are capable of. That’s where I come in.

In order for this to be a success, you must be willing to work. I deal in getting extraordinary results, and that takes vision, creativity and hard work. It also takes the willingness and vulnerability to go into the tender places, those places you have spent a lifetime building walls around. 

In the interests of being transparent, I am not cheap. But I expect you are not here because you are looking for a cheap mentor or someone who mucks around in pennies and cents. Instead, my 1 : 1 elite mentorship start in the range of a $100k consulting fee; and depending on what we decide is the best way forward, my mentorship can also include equity, stock options and other creative structuring as we both see fit.

Before we move forward, please consider if you are willing and able to afford this investment.  I expect you to invest in me to get the party started, and so we can establish a relationship of trust, and once we have this, we can then talk about creative ideas for our future work together.

If this sounds great to you, then hit that complete button now.

As I receive many applications, I would strongly recommend you apply here and then reach out to me on my Linkedin or Facebook with a quick message about your muse mentorship with me.

Otherwise, we will get in touch with you if it is a good fit based on your application here.

Here’s to you,

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