Setting Up A Scholarship Is Easy
Did you know that you can set up a scholarship with the Albany Public Schools Foundation in the name of your business, family or in memory or honor of an individual? Last year, the Foundation gave out 45 scholarships totaling $86,700 to graduates from our three high schools: South Albany, West Albany and Albany Options School.

Here's how it works:

1. An individual or business creates a new scholarship of at least $500 with the Albany Public Schools Foundation (APSF). If the scholarship is over $2500, APSF will do a one-time match dollar for dollar up to $10,000. What does that mean? For $2500, you can give out a $5000 scholarship in the name of your business or an individual.
2. The scholarship must be for a qualified graduating senior from South Albany High School, West Albany High School, or Albany Options High School. The Foundation will work with you to set up scholarship applicant criteria.
3. You must contact us before December 1st to setup and finalize your scholarship. The sooner the better as the matching funds are limited to $10,000.
4. You will have the option to be involved in the selection process and join the Foundation in presenting the scholarship at the high school scholarship awards ceremony. Unless otherwise requested, you will also be listed in APSF scholarship related press releases, newsletters, and social media posts.
5. We make it easy for you! Albany Pubic Schools Foundation will manage the entire scholarship process including the application, allocations, student communications, and reporting. Awarded scholarship funds are paid directly to the college business office of the school that the scholarship recipient attends. If the student does not fulfill the requirements of the scholarship, funds are returned to your specific scholarship fund at APSF for disbursal to future scholarship applicants.

Note: There is a 5% fee assessed to scholarship donations. This helps fund the administration of the scholarship process.
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