The Girl Code Recruitment
We're currently recruiting members for the following departments: Chapter Leaders, Social media, Website, Workshops, Design/Video. In addition to this, if you have any skill you believe may be valuable to our organisation, you are welcome to apply! Read on to find a more detailed description of each department.
Chapter Leader
Chapter leaders will be responsible for introducing and establishing The Girl Code to their city or locality. Their responsibilities will include securing workshops in their area and managing the logistical process of conducting these workshops. They will be provided with all the resources necessary to do so.
As a member of this department, you can work on the front-end of our website, the back-end for the Python platform, or the overall design and UI/UX of the website. Thus, the role you'd like to take on will depend on your skills.
Social Media
The Girl Code currently maintains an Instagram, a Twitter, a Facebook, and a Medium. As a member of this department, you will be expected to work on one or more social media platforms. This work will include day-to-day activities, such as liking, commenting, retweeting etc. as well as more long-term plans, such as coming up with ideas for a post series, or reaching out to influencers for collaborations.

You will be expected to work with the design department, specifying what type of content is required.
As a workshop organiser, facilitator, or mentor, you are expected help organise and teach at workshops conducted by The Girl Code. Your responsibilities may include logistical organisation and teaching. As such, you are expected to be well-versed in Python.
Design and Video
Designers will work with the social media department, creating content for each of our social media accounts. They can also work with web developers for front-end design. Video editors will likewise focus on content for social media, and occasionally the website.
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