AnimeSTL 2022 Embassy Suites Badge Pick-up
Our main hotel for the year is once again the Embassy Suites that is connected to the convention center. In addition to a lot of great amenities, additional programming will take place in the hotel like our Honey Tea Maid Cafe, Nerdy Night Lounge, and more. The biggest added benefit is that you also don't have to go to Registration to stand in line to pick-up your badge, you can get it when you check-in to your room! If you purchase pre-registered passes and also have a reservation with the Embassy Suites in our room block, please fill out the form below with your hotel confirmation number and Eventbrite order number(s) and we'll add you to our pick-up list. All requests for this service must be received by March 31st, 2022 in order to be properly received and prepared by the hotel and event. If no longer attending, please be sure to contact both the hotel to cancel your room and us at as your Eventbrite order will be marked as checked-in after March 31st.

Please list your contact email below. This is so you'll receive a confirmation email as well as a way for us to contact you if needed.
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Eventbrite Order Number(s). Please note that this should only be for you and others using the hotel room, so please avoid having more than 6-8 badges check-in with this perk. The order numbers given will be checked-in after March 31st, so please be sure to let us know if plans change. *
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