Join NGO mapping Ukraine!
Ukraine NGO Forum is glad to invite you to become part of This mapping include local and international NGOs from different sectors, based in all regions of Ukraine and assisting to different groups of needy people. Web page is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

❓ How does it work?
The mapping enables NGOs overview by location, search by key words as well as filtering NGOs by the following criteria: type of NGO, main activities, target groups of beneficiaries, experience, number of employees, sources of funding.

❓ For whom is this map?
▪ For local NGOs aiming to coordinate their activities with other organizations.
▪ For international NGOs searching for partners.
▪ For donors searching for implementing partners.
▪ For media searching for expert opinion.

❓ How people will know about this mapping?
The project is promoted through different communication channels: social media, specific web pages, thematic meetings, traditional media.

👉 If you want to become a part of this mapping, we kindly ask you to answer the questions below.

❗ Answers to the questions #12 and #14 will not be reflected in public - this information is necessary for the coordination with donors and advocacy activities of Ukraine NGO Forum.

✍️ If you have any questions please write us by e-mail

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4. City\cities where are based the office\offices of organization or permanent representatives of your organization: *
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14. Contact information of key individuals in your organization: name, position, phone, e-mail (❗ information will remain confidential - for the coordination with donors and advocacy activities of Ukraine NGO Forum): *
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