Citizenship Standards For Eligibility
Student activities in the Springfield Public Schools provide a program for students to pursue special interests in addition to the more formal class activities. Student activities help develop leadership abilities, promote school spirit and loyalty, establish habits of good citizenship, and provide opportunities to learn to work as a part of a group. Although student activities are important for the all-around development for students they must necessarily be of secondary importance. Regular classroom work must come first.

The Springfield Public Schools Activity Program has traditionally been represented by excellent students who are outstanding citizens. Only a few students make errors in judgment which makes necessary a review of their citizenship.

Students who represent a school in interscholastic activities must be creditable citizens and judged so by the proper school authority certifying a list of student for competition. Those students whose character or conduct is such as to reflect discredit upon themselves or their schools are not considered "creditable citizens". Conduct shall be satisfactory in accord with the standards of good discipline. (MSHSAA Official Handbook, By-Law 2.2.1)

A student should not be considered eligible while under suspension. The student who is expelled or who withdraws from school because of disciplinary measures shall not be considered eligible for 365 days from the date of expulsion or withdrawal. (MSHSAA Official Handbook, By-Laws 2.2.3 & 2.2.4)

The following citizenship standards for eligibility have been approved by the Springfield Public Schools Board of Education and are applicable to any student who represents their school.

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