Self-Paced Industrial Profiling with Microsoft AEP ( | IIT Patna
NOTE: This application is for Complete Beginners/Intermediates, who want to build a Profile with Industry-Oriented online Training, Global Certifications from Microsoft & Foxmula, along with Industrial Internship (Work from home) in a domain of interest. Self-paced Training, Certification & Internship.
This application might take 5 minutes to fill and the applicants shall receive a call from HR / Counselor of Foxmula based on responses.
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After all Skills, Recognitions, & Experience is what a HR expects, for core term Internships or Career #StandOut
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About Foxmula? Under the Partner Network of Microsoft, AWS, SAP, IBM and more, Foxmula addresses issues of Unemployment and lesser access to industry-oriented growth with a Community-driven Ecosystem.
Let's Start with what you do/think/explore post midnight. (It Could be anything)
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You shall receive an HR call from Foxmula as soon as slots are available for your Microsoft Certification, Training & Internship
The Call can be expected in hours or weeks based on the slots available.
Being Students we have a lot going around, tell us a feasible standard time period to connect you with higher executives at Foxmula. You are all set!
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