New Zealand Red Cross - Annual Appeal 2020
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These are the days we are collecting. Please let us know how long you can volunteer for:
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Thursday 19 March
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Saturday 21 March
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Shift Times - Morning, Lunch or Afternoon?
Please select your preferred shift and we'll allocate your hours within this period. We often have lots of people for some shifts and desperately need collectors for others. To help us fill all shifts, if you don't mind when you're scheduled, please tick the 'Anytime' box and we'll confirm your allocated time with you.
8am - 11am
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Thursday 19 March
Friday 20 March
Saturday 21 March
I can be a Site Coordinator!
Site Coordinators are our super-stars who manage a collection site for a day. They open & close the collection site and are the first point-of-contact for collectors on the day. If you can take on this role, click here and we'll be in touch!
If you can bring along a friend too, that would be great - please let us know their name.
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Are you part of a group (school, service club, business etc) who can run a collection site for a whole day? Please let us know the name of your group and who the main contact person will be.
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Our Auckland Collection Sites
Use the Area drop-down boxes to select your preferred collection site.
If you can collect at any site in a particular Area, please choose 'I can go where needed'.
We will confirm your allocated site with you.
Central Area
North Shore
East & South
West Auckland
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