Calverton 2019 Flag Retrieval Attendance
Location: Calverton National Cemetery - 210 Princeton Blvd., Calverton, NY
June 1 - Report Time: 0845. SAFETY BRIEFING: 0900. Conclusion: 1145 - 1200.
June 2 (Rain Date) - Report Time: 1230. SAFETY BRIEFING : 1245. Conclusion: 1500 - 1530.

Uniform of the Day: BDU, ABU, BBDU, Corporate Uniform, or Cadet Alternate Uniform. All uniforms must comply with CAPM 39-1.

Required Items: CAPID, (2) CAPF-161, CAPF-32 (Cadets), (2) 16-oz. Water Bottles or equivalent, snacks.

Note that this is a warm weather event. Bring bug spray, sun tan lotion and pre-hydrate.

IMPORTANT - Gabreski & Grumman Squadrons report to Section 14, then Section 41 when complete. ALL OTHER UNITS report to Section 41.

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