Mother's Day Zoom Ballet Class 2020
Celebrate Mother's Day with TBA's special ballet class just for moms!

Sunday, 10 May 2020
11am – 12pm
FREE! No charge!
At-home online ballet class with Zoom

​Register by filling out this form by 3rd May 2020. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For more information and questions, contact us at or WhatsApp us at +65 9785 5989.
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Terms & Conditions / FAQ
The procedure of the Zoom online lessons is as follows:

● All Zoom meetings will have a unique ID and password only intended for you! Do not share the meeting ID and password with any non-participants.
● Moms must use their full name to join. Nicknames or user handles like BalletDancer123 will not be allowed.
● Moms must join the Zoom meeting waiting room 10 minutes before the lesson starts to ensure everyone’s attendance and minimize technical difficulties. All students will enter the meeting upon host approval. After the lesson starts, the Zoom meeting will be locked for security and privacy.
● Moms must have their video camera turned on at all times and be visible in their cameras with no avatars or virtual backgrounds so that we are able to correct each student’s form.
● Moms will be put on mute for the duration of the lesson. If you have a question, please raise your hand for the host to unmute you.
● Moms should have their laptop/computer, phone or tablet speaker's volume high enough so they are able to hear the music and the teacher's corrections. We will do music tests at the beginning of each class. Please inform us if you are not able to hear properly.
● We will be able to see if you have accidentally left the meeting and will take the proper steps to allow you to rejoin and re-secure the meeting.

Also note the following FAQ to make all Zoom classes run smoothly and with as little technical issues as

A) Dance Space & Barre
Make sure you have enough room to dance! You can test this by stretching out your arms to a T position and turning in a circle. If you hit any furniture, then you will not have enough space. Be mindful of the floor you are practicing on. Try not to dance on anything too slippery like tile or marble flooring; if you need extra traction, dance on a carpet or yoga mat. For a barre, use a sturdy chair, table or countertop. No chairs with wheels or anything too short or too tall for your body. Make sure your “barre” is the correct height for yourself so you won’t be dancing in a weird position. Your barre should be a little lower than shoulder height.

B) Technology
We are using Zoom to conduct all our live online ballet classes. Please download the application (it is free) on your laptop/computer, phone or tablet with a front-facing camera. Make sure your laptop/phone camera is at the correct height and distance away from yourself so your teacher can see your whole body in the video. It is not helpful if your camera is only positioned to see only your torso and not your feet! Do not use a virtual background or any special effects when participating in a video call. Like aforementioned, please only use your real name when entering the Zoom meeting for privacy and security reasons. We do not want any uninvited visitors into our ballet classes!

C) Attire
Ballet attire like a leotard and tights is welcomed, however if you do not have such, normal workout clothing will suffice. Please make sure your hair is away from your face in a bun or ponytail. If you do not have ballet shoes, you can wear socks. Barefoot is not advised.

D) Zoom Class Etiquette
Enter the Zoom meeting at least 5-10 minutes as technology can be unpredictable and it may take some extra time to set up. In addition, please inform your family members not to disturb you during class time. Please be respectful of the teacher and the other moms! Other proper video call etiquette includes muting yourself when participating in class so your background noise does not hinder the class, and don’t be afraid to nonverbally communicate with a thumbs-up or head nod to confirm that you are okay and that you are able to understand and hear the teacher. Video calls are still a new landscape for dancers and teachers, so provide as much feedback as you can so we are able to improve and provide the best experience during this time.

E) What to Expect
We cannot guarantee you will be professional ballerinas after this class, but it is never too late to start learning ballet! Whether you have previous experience or this is your first class ever, all are welcome to join. This will be a beginner's level class to give moms the experience of their child's ballet training. Children are welcome too to help assist your moms! If you have any health concerns or previous injuries, please inform us before the start of class. Please be safe dancing at home and take the necessary precautions to protect your bodies.

Lastly, photos and videos may be taken of this class for publicity purposes. By registering for this class, you consent to have your images made public online or offline.
I understand that TBA will make the necessary security and privacy arrangements on Zoom for the ballet class.
I agree to the Terms & Conditions / FAQ stated above.
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