Student Workshop: “Tale of Unequivocal Provider: The Abode of Life”
Greetings from Emirates Environmental Group!

EEG is once again delighted to invite you to join us on 25th – 27th of October to attend and participate in the 21st cycle of our annually conducted Student’s Workshops. It has been nearly two years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world has changed a lot during this relatively short period. However, this time around, we did learn from previous pandemics that have ravaged the world in the last few centuries. What about the environment? Side by side, in the last two years we witnessed more forest fires, more blizzards, more hurricanes, more extinction and unprecedented temperature rise. Why have we not learned from history? How can we tackle this issue and diminish the consequences? To enable the students and educators to understand this, EEG has designed the workshop for this year under the theme “Tale of Unequivocal Provider: The Abode of Life”

With the aim of educating and inspiring young minds in the field of environmental sustainability, EEG’s Educational Programme falls in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. This particular workshop acts as an educational platform that provides an opportunity to students and teachers all across the country to come together and interact; while learning from each other new methods of understanding, practicing and teaching.

The theme is set to ensure that we highlight to the youth the learned historical tales of our planet and make them think critically of solutions to the conundrum of climate change. The solutions must be beneficial to humans, the local biodiversity and the planet as a whole with key insights from nature.

The online workshop will encompass activities that test the students on their knowledge of solutions derived from nature and the necessity of working with the ecosystem and local entities for a greener way out. It will cover solutions from perspectives of Energy use, Food consumption, Clothing production, Housing construction, Agriculture development and other anthropogenic requirements, with key understandings to achieve the UN SDGs. After the conclusion of each day of the workshop, certificates of participation will be awarded to the students, the teachers and the schools.

The details of the Workshops are as follows:

Theme : “Tale of Unequivocal Provider: The Abode of Life”
Date : 25th – 27th of October 2021
Location : Online Platform (Zoom)


- Please ensure that the academic institutions, staff and the students follow the instruction set by the government.

- You are expected to download the virtual communication platform application (Zoom)

- Please ensure that you have good internet connectivity, to ensure clarity in both visual and audio.

- The participating team is encouraged to be present and participating actively in the workshop.

- This year, once the workshop is over, e-certificate of participation will be sent to you, after you fill out the online feedback form.

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