VCF Podcast Survey
Hello, church!

You may not know, but Pastor Mike and I (Andrew) started a podcast for Valley just over a year ago. You can access it on the website under the media tab.

Unfortunately it was something we had to let go of during the initial COVID lockdowns, but we are bringing it back!

We want this to be a resource for you! We know that you are on mission at your work, among your friends, and even at home as you disciple your family. You are God's chosen messenger as you go about your life, and so we want to help by discussing whatever situations/topics you'd love Pastoral incite on.

So to best serve you, just answer the four posed questions, and we will use your topics as subjects for the show!
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We understand that maybe you don't want your name associated with the topics you want discussed. The purpose of collecting names is that Mike or I can connect with you if we need to clarify your proposed topic.
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Survey Questions
What questions do you have about the Gospel/Bible/Jesus/ Christian Living?
What challenges do you face, that you would like discussed, when it comes to building a strong Christ-Centered family?
What challenges do you face, that you would like discussed, when it comes being a missionary in your community (work, social circle, interest groups)?
What other topics would you like discussed that would help you grow in your faith?
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