Global Village Network Annual Meeting - Serbia
In order to organize the reunion better, please let us know if you're planning/are coming to Belgrade GVN AM 2019 in September 😊
Venue and agenda
Dates: September 13 - 15, 2019 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Place: Belgrade, Serbia

Organizer: Global Village Network Executive Board (GVN EB)


- Friday:
6.00 pm Opening ceremony
8.00 pm Welcome dinner
10.00 pm Party

- Saturday:
10.00 am Lecture
12.00 Lunch
2.00 pm Sessions about the future of GVN
(GVN conferences and meetups, Business matchmaking, Recruitment for GV, Scholarships for GV, Donations...)
5.00 pm Sightseeing/Free time
10.00 pm Party

- Sunday:
12.00 am Sessions with alumni per Executive Officer team
1.00 pm Closing ceremony
1.30 pm Free time

BONUS: You can come to Belgrade from Monday to Thursday
- optional for sightseeing / traveling around / partying...

We will publish a HOW TO DO BELGRADE document, where we'll share some of our favorite spots to stay in Belgrade, some useful info about the city, how to and from Nikola Tesla Belgrade airport, and some visa process info, if needed.

Just a quick FYI, it's up to you to decide whether you're staying at your GV friend's place, renting an apartment, booking a room in a hotel or hostel.

As most of our activities will be in the historical part of Belgrade, the locals strongly recommend looking into staying in these areas: Stari Grad, Dorcol and Vracar (they're also the most beautiful ones).

If you need ANYTHING, don't hesitate to contact anyone from GVN EB or some of the Serbian alumni.

For direct contact, feel free to reach out to our GVN EB Chief Activities Officer:
Jelena Dukic at: +381 63 8682483 or


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