Wedding Flower Preservation Order Form 2021
Hello Lovely Brides to be!

I'm very excited to work with you on preserving and displaying your beautiful wedding flowers!
Please fill out the form below to give me some information about you and to secure your wedding date with me! The form will have many options with images and pricing to choose from :)

Thank you for trusting me to preserve your precious flowers. I am so excited to create these very special heirlooms with the flowers from your special day <3


(Due to being out of state working events, I will
not be available to accept flowers on the following dates)
I apologize for any inconvenience!

2021 UNAVAILABLE dates (tentative/can change)

**If your wedding falls on a Saturday that I am out of town BUT I will be back before Wednesday the next week I can still take your flowers! I just need them at the latest 4 days after the wedding to ensure they are at their freshest for preservation :) Feel free to message me if you have questions or concerns about availability!

March, 24 - 28
April, 14 - 19
April, 22-26
July, 28 - 31
Aug, 24 - 31
Sept, 1-10
Oct. 24-31
Nov, 1 - 5
Nov, 17 - 22

Once I receive your form I will email you to let you know if your date is still available.
Accompanying your initial email will be your PayPal invoice detailing your order for your review.
The invoice allows you to make the 50% deposit to secure your date in my books.

*You can add additional pieces to your order up until the day of drop-off so I can know the appropriate amount of flowers to press for each type of display.

Once I receive your flowers, typically on SUNDAY, MONDAY or TUESDAY following the wedding, I will take great care to press and preserve your flowers in my professional flower presses. This process can take up to 4 hours as I make sure everything is perfect.

The flowers must be left to dry in the press for a MINIMUM OF 1 MONTH. Once your flowers are ready I will contact you to give you any appropriate options (like jewelry, frame choices, etc.) based on your individual flowers. Yay!

>>>>Flowers must be received by me NO LATER THAN 4 DAYS AFTER YOUR WEDDING to ensure freshness and usability AND must be kept in water and preferably refrigerated prior to me receiving them. I can only preserve what is intact ;)

Pressing flowers is a delicate and detailed process and must not be rushed. I will treat your flowers and design as if they were my own! Thank you for your patience. It will be worth the wait!

(let me know if you need a payment plan)

Two invoices total will be sent. The deposit, half of the total piece, will be due to book you, and the last invoice will be due before your piece leaves my studio (allow 1-3 months)

I will press every type of flower and piece of greenery in your bouquet. I will even take flowers apart if I think it will help them press better. However, not all flowers will make it through the pressing process and this is natural. Thicker flowers tend to retain a lot of moisture which can result in molding. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to press each type of flower beautifully. What I can guarantee is that I will do my best to prepare the flowers for pressing and do my best to rebuild a flower that had a hard time in my presses.
Flowers are organic material and framed and glass pieces will eventually fade their color to an "antique" look. I do not color enhance the flowers. Do not display your framed flower pieces in direct sunlight. Resin pieces, however, will retain their color very well even if in direct sunlight as the resin is UV resistant.
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Who is your Florist?
Do you have a wedding coordinator? If so who are you working with to plan your wedding?
Central Arkansas Drop-off? (Please select if you or someone will be able to drop off your flowers to North Little Rock, AR within 1-4 days after the wedding) *
1. HOOP OPTION: Please select the size of the HOOP display of your MAIN bouquet piece (select only if you want a the hoop option - only one Main piece can be done - either framed or hoop) This price includes the pressing, preserving, and display of your flowers. I use a bamboo embroidery hoop and suspend your flowers in 4 layers of crystal clear, UV protected acrylic resin. This method will extend the color of the contents since they are protected from air and UV.
14" hoop example
2. FRAMED OPTION : Please select the size of the FRAMED display of your MAIN bouquet piece (select only if you want the framed option - only one main piece can be done - either framed or hoop) This price includes the pressing, preserving, arrangement, and framing of your flowers.
What COLOR frame would you like? Would you like a background color other than white? (We can discuss this later if you’d like)
11”x14” framed example
11"x14" arrangement in 16"x20" frame with mat (and ribbon) example
Boutonnière preservation (depending on the style and size of the boutonniere one or the other of these options may be best. Once I see the boutonniere I can determine if your desired selection will work)
Whole boutonnière in glass dome example
ADD-ON options only (feel free to add on as many pieces as you want. These can not be substituted for your main bouquet piece. These are perfect for mother of the bride gifts or brides maids, etc.) These add-on options use extra pressed flowers from your main preservation. I will press the appropriate amount of your flowers based on your selections. (pictures shown are only for size comparison)
Do you want MULTIPLES of any of the ADD-ON's above? Please notate here how many you would like. (example: 3'' hoop-quantity six, 6'' hoop-quantity two, etc.)
ADD-ON Jewelry (pictures for example only)
Would you like MULTIPLES of the jewelry add-on's above? Please notate here quantities (example: earrings- 4 pairs, necklaces- 10)
Sun-Catcher ADD-ON (these are soldered "stained glass" type sun-catchers and consist of two pieces of beveled glass containing select flowers from your bouquet)
Do you want MULTIPLES of the sun-catcher add-on's above? Please notate here how many you would like. (example: 2'' diamond sun-catcher-4, 4'' square sun-catcher- 8)
4” sun catcher add-on example
COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS: (example: "I want my bouquet ribbon included in my display." "I want sun-catchers and jewelry but I'm not sure how many I need right now" etc.)
SPECIAL REQUESTS: Don't see what you are looking for here? I'm always interested in new displays to try! Let me know if you have an idea you want me to make happen for you!
How did you hear about me?
I have reviewed all this information, including the FAQ section above. I understand that a non-refundable deposit is required to book my slot. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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