The following is a research questionnaire for a new European Road Rally tour I am in the process of creating.

Currently I'm at an early stage of developing the service I'm wanting to offer, with aim of holding a test run towards the end of August / beginning of September to assess the viability of the project.

I've included infromation about who I am, as I have yet to come to a Z4 meet, having only very recently purchased an e86. Feel free to skip this section and get straight into the questionnaire.

My background
I'm creative professional specialising in design and branding from Manchester. I've previously worked in London for one of the top advertising agencies, and lived in Dubai for 6 years working for one the top branding agencies. During my time in Dubai I was lucky enough to having driven numerous supercars at highly dubious speeds, on some epic mountain roads.

I'm now currently back in Manchester working as a freelancer but looking to make cars and motoring a bigger part of my lifestyle.

My LinkedIn can be found on the following link

A passion for driving
My passions revolve around design & technology, cars, travel and adventure. I'm hoping this venture can become a genuine contender to other driving tour organisers with true substance to what I see as overpriced driving tours that are currently available primarily to the higher end of the sports car market, and also avoid the other end of the scale, of low budget banger tours that are entertaining for sure, but probably not suited to people who love their cars and driving them.

My aim is to create the right balance of a high quality tour that is accessible for your average professional at a reasonable cost.

Even though I've never actually worked in the tour industry, I've been lucky enough to have been on numerous self driving tours, organised and planned by myself.

Starting small with day trips around the UAE in my Cupra, moving onto numerous rented supercars starting in 2009, and all way to my most recent trip in a rented Mercedes AMG GT to one of the most awesome mountain roads in the UAE. My first full multi-day cross country trip was touring Italy for 10 days in a Alfa Mito, starting in Milan, going through Florence and the Tuscan countryside, to Rome, and then upto the Italian Grand Prix back in 2012.

In 2014 I toured Equador for 5 days in rented Mazda pickup truck, with highlight of driving half way up the volcano Cotopaxi. In 2016 me and my other half went on the longest tour yet in my now sold 350z (and probably the most expensive tour still) driving from Manchester to Venice and back over the course of 14 days. More recently we toured Iceland in the middle of Winter in a Mazda CX3 - braving 70mph winds up in the mountains, on icy roads with sleet and snow falling in at night.

I've now just recently come back from mini tour of Portugal which has made me want to take my recently bought e86 on another long distance Europe trip.

So hopefully that gives everyone enough info about me.

Thanks in advance
Hopefully you guys/girls will help me with my research so I can set up a service that caters to regular people like us, who want to avoid all the hassle of arranging an awesome road trip, without having to fork out an arm and a leg.
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