Women's Skill Session Scholarship Application
This time we will be offering full scholarships.

Scholarship terms & conditions:
- Please note that we cannot grant scholarships to each applicant that applies.
- Scholarship submission must be received three days prior to camp at the latest.
- Scholarships are non-transferrable.
- All applicants will be contacted with a response (positive or negative). Notification will be given, via email, two days after the scholarship submission deadline.
- If you plan to take a LAR camp whether or not you receive a scholarship, you may make a reservation to guarantee your spot. Full payment is due at time of reservation. If you are awarded a scholarship, the scholarship amount will be refunded to your credit card. If you plan to only attend a Ladies AllRide camp if you receive a scholarship, you do not need to register; however, you may wish to do so in order to guarantee space in the camp.

Please be patient with our response to your application. We must review all applicants before we determine who is eligible to receive the scholarship.
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Please briefly explain any financial hardships that make it difficult to pay for all or part of your Women's Skill Session. *
What attracted you most about Women's Skill Session? *
What do you hope to gain by participating in an Women's Skill Session?
What are your plans after this Women's Skill Session in regards to mountain biking and giving back to your community?
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