Tools for Administering the Cassandra
Please share products, tools, and utilities you can use in achieving your goals as a database administrator
Please check the article for updates on Tools for Administering the Cassandra:
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Cassandra Flavors (Examples : Open source Apache Cassandra,Datasatx enterprise edition)
Replication Tools (Examples : Simple strategy,Network topology stratergy)
Monitoring Tools (Examples : JConsole,Grafana(jmx exporter exposes metrics))
Clustering Tools (High Availability) (Examples : Cassandra is multi master (read/writes can be done in all the regions))
Cassandra schema design (Examples : All the access patterns need to be identified,Before designing the schema)
Text Compare (Examples :
DBA day to day Tasks (Dbeaver,Devcenter)
Remote Access Tools (Examples : Putty,Iterm2,Terminal)
File Transfer Tools (Examples : scp)
SQL Text Compare Tools (Example : Redgate)
SQL Formatter Tools (Example :
Performance Tunining Tools (Examples : Jconsole,Grafana,Datadog)
Best Text Editors (Examples : Notepad++,Textpad,Textwrangler)
Automation Tools (Examples : ShellScripting,Python)
Upgrade Tools : (Example : Sstabledump,Sstabloader,Sstableupgrade)
Backups (Example : Nodetool snapshot,Upload backups to aws s3
Please share any administrator tools
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