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You can learn more about CamTech and our Lab/Strands by visiting us at The purpose of this application is to help CamTech staff decide if you qualify for this Camas School District Pathway.
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This is the big question. We are looking for folks who want to solve problems to make a difference in the world. In your repsonse please include two examples of problems you would like to help solve during your career.
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What in your past experience suggests you will be successful in CamTech? *
We have a problem-solving, activity-based lab curriculum. Are you ready? Tell us how you know. In your response please include at least two examples of problems you have worked on, and how they are related to your responses to the previous question.
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This year's technology teacher is best, or if you aren't in Tech, then this year's science teacher. If neither are available, then a teacher who understands you best. Thank you.
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Be sure to check with that person first.
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You only get to pick one at this time - you may change later after you are accepted. See our website for information about the six Lab/Strands.
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