R90 Sleep Assessment
Welcome to our R90 Sleep Assessment, a unique, quick start evaluation of your current sleep approach, focused on the Key Sleep Recovery Indicators – KSRI’s. Designed by our team of Elite Sport Sleep Coaches.

Answer all questions by choosing YES or NO, click submit and your profile evaluation out of 100% will be processed and returned to you as soon as possible.

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1. Do you have a good understanding of the Circadian Rhythms? *
2. Do you plan daily activities according to this process? *
3. Are you aware of your Chronotype? *
4. Do you plan daily routines according to that characteristic? *
5. Do you maintain a constant, every day wake time? *
6. Do you plan to be asleep at the same time everyday? *
7. Do you have a specific pre-sleep routine? *
8. Do you have a specific post-sleep routine? *
9. Do you observe any awakenings during sleep? (e.g. too hot/cold, dehydrated or overthinking) *
10. Once asleep, do you sleep through the night until wake? *
11. Do you get tired/sleepy during the day? *
12. Do you get tired/sleepy in the early evening? *
13. Do you take any prescribed/herbal/natural sleeping tablets? *
14. Do you use any sleeping aids or interventions? (e.g. eye masks, ear plugs, electric blankets or aromatherapy) *
15. Do you experience any of the following? Snoring, bruxism, apnoea, insomnia, talking or walking *
16. If so, have you been medically diagnosed? *
17. Do you sleep as well as you believe you could? *
18. Do you fall asleep quickly? (Within 10/15 minutes?) *
19. Do you sleep with more than one pillow? *
20. Do you value the quality of sleep you achieve? *
21. Do you plan to achieve the same amount of hours sleep every week? *
22. Do you plan a recovery strategy into your week? *
23. Do you experience regular periods of feeling, stressed, worried, anxious or de-motivated? *
24. Do you worry about not getting enough sleep or sleeping too much? *
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