1-1 Prolific Mentorship Application
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Mentorship for coaches, priestesses + emerging leaders to expand their soul service in embodied overflow
1-1 Prolific Mentorship Application
I am excited you're here as it means your ready for an abundance container *upgrade* via body-based rituals.

**This is the highest level working with me, and I deeply bow to your womb's wisdom and am in service to your legacy fully liberated as the creatrix we both know you are.

You choose- 3 or 6 months for support. In this time together, we clear your womb + nervous system of the debris that's blocking your quantum leaps and overflowing creativity. You start to mega-birth in your business, showing up deeper for your clients + courses you develop, and you experience heightened states of pleasure in all aspects of your life.

I only work with a handful of women per year, so please fill out the application below to see if we are aligned. If we are, I will personally message you on Instagram and my team will email you, within a couple days after submitting.

Take your time. The feminine isn't about rush- it's about intimately getting to know yourself. The blooming starts here, embody your F*uck YES.

Allie McFee, Womb Priestess Numana
Expander ~ Tantra + Women's Health Practitioner  
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Tell me where you are at currently: your sensual relationship to your divine feminine + pleasure, your business creations and abundance journey, your body-connection, and your recent creations.  *
What is your next-level business vision?  What do you want to GIVE BIRTH to? *Warning* This mentorship tends to rapidly liberate you from unconscious blocks helping you EXPAND in the Quantum. Don't censor yourself, no playing small here, queen. Take up SPACE. *
**What do you feel is in your way?** Is there any-thing you need to clear from your womb-space? *
How long have you struggled with this? And how is it leaking out into your wealth, health, relationships + creations? *
Have you worked with sex magic, wands, and/or yoni eggs? *
Do you have any hormonal symptoms? *
Have you worked with a mentor before? If yes, what was your experience like? *
Where do you see yourself at the end of our mentorship-container? *
Why do you desire to work with me?  *
Why do you feel you're one of the few clients to be in my 1-1 private mentorship container? *
Which mentorship are you most interested in?
Your life will not be the same after this mentorship, as it is a Transformational Investment (paid in full is discounted). Do you have or are you willing to claim the financial means you need to invest in this program and your expansion? *
Do you know you're worthy? *
Do you desire an in-person 1-1 immersion on Kauai? *
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