Tri 4 Schools Event Survey: Waunakee 2018
Thank you for participating in the Waunakee kids triathlon on May 19th, 2018! We would love to hear your feedback from the event to help us in planning for future events.
What were your main reasons for signing up for a Tri 4 Schools event (select all that apply)? *
Was this your first Tri 4 Schools event? *
Did you know that every dollar of your child's entry fee goes back to the school that you selected? *
Did you know that we offer free entry scholarships to children on free or reduced lunch? *
What additional information would have been helpful to know before the day of the event? *
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Rank the following aspects of the event from 1 (Most Important to Me) to 7 (Least Important to Me): *
Trophy/ability to win an award
Goodie bag
Charitable cause
Quality of event
Event location
1 (Most Important)
7 (Least important)
Did you visit the Gratitude Station (to write thank yous to volunteers), the Cheer Zone (to make a sign to cheer on your athlete), and/or the Finish Zone activities (photo op, sign finishers banner)? *
Please share any feedback about the Gratitude Station, Cheer Zone, and/or Finish Zone.
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This year, we offered a Modified Medium course option. Please share any feedback you have on this course option.
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Were the announcements during the event helpful? What other information would you have liked to hear via the on-site announcements? *
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How many spectators came to support your athlete? *
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How much money would you estimate you spent in the host community before/during/after the event? *
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Where did you look for event information (select all that apply)? *
Would you participate in another Tri 4 Schools event? *
What other feedback would you like to share with the Tri 4 Schools team? *
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