CuraDAO Proposal Form
Bon bini,

Through this form, local projects can request resources, in the form of community support and our digital community currency CuraDAI (1 CuraDAI = 1 ANG), to support their impact initiative.

Read more about the Call for Proposals here:

CuraDAO has a budget of 7500 CuraDAI available to distribute to local impact projects in November.

Rewards can be based on past contributions, ongoing projects or yet to be started projects - the only shared quality of all CuraDAO projects is that they should have a positive impact on the well-being of the citizens of Curaçao.

--- Grant Process ---
Projects can start their application by filling in this form between October 28th and November 5th.

Each proposer will be supported by one of the CuraDAO community members to refine their proposal and submit it to the CuraDAO digital voting tool. On Saturday, November 7th, CuraDAO will organize a digital event and workshop where the projects can connect and share what they are working on.

If you have questions, please reach out to

All forms will be publicly available - if you do not want your proposals to be visible for any reason, please reach out to us.
What are the names of the project leaders? *
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How much CuraDAI would you like to request for the project? Min = 100 CuraDAI / Max = 1500 CuraDAI *
What other support could the project use? ( e.g. volunteers, designers, photographer, transport etc) *
What positive impact does this project have on Curaçao? *
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