Application to join the DDI Alliance Slack Workspace
The DDI Alliance provides a space for opt-in, participant-directed conversations taking place via Slack. Participants are encouraged to initiate and respond to discussions according to the community guidelines found at

The DDI Alliance Slack Workspace is for:
- DDI Alliance Members, Representatives, and anyone interested in learning about DDI
- Members of the public interested in exploring DDI Alliance membership, training, and resources

Discussion in the DDI Alliance Slack Workspace may include:
- Promotion of DDI-related events and resources by both the DDI Alliance and individual participants
- Requests for support finding DDI-related training or products
- Requests for support in using DDI-related products
- Creating workgroups and other subject-specific groups
- Other related conversation

DDI Alliance Slack Workspace members will not engage in:
- Selling products or services
- Foul language
- Trolling
- Discussions that violate the community guidelines

DDI Alliance Slack Workspace participants may choose to opt out at any time, but will be required to fill out the application again to restart participation. You may remove yourself from Slack or email for assistance.

Please fill out the following application to gain access to the DDI Alliance Slack Workspace. Upon acceptance, participants will receive an email with information about the Slack communications tool.

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